The key to changing your skin is having the proper skin care regimen.

 Our skin is exposed to environmental toxins, stress, oil and other toxins delivered through our sweat glands and lymphatic system.  Skin and Tonic retails a variety of products that can cleanse, support and protect the skin from these elements.  Our skin care lines are environmentally friendly, non toxic and comprised of natural herbal extracts, essential oils and active enzymes to deliver incredible results.  All of our products are perfect for all skin types and can help treat many skin problems.

Rhonda Allison Clinical Skin Care  Rhonda Allison is dedicated to offering the purest quality skin nutrition for daily home use and the most effective, safe, result oriented professional treatments available.  Always looking to nature for inspiration, Rhonda blends the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and customized home care products that will transform the condition of your skin. 

Arbordoun Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream   Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream is formulated by hand to soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate skin of all ages. It is created from an emulsion of olive oil and beeswax, with herbal extracts of Calendula, Oregon grape and comfrey; aloe and purified water. These herbs have been used historically to enhance skin vitality, promote healing and cellular renewal, and for their antibacterial properties. The ingredients are organically grown on their small Lopez Island farm and blended with the olive oil, aloe, beeswax and lavender oil. The water-based ingredients are readily absorbed by the skin so the cream works deeply.