Please read all information provided with regard to your peel service and click this link to authorize Skin and Tonic to perform your peel service.

Mid Depth Peels

Superficial complexion peels are an effective exfoliating, regenerating, and stimulating treatment for a variety of skin problems. The acids used for this treatment can vary depending on skin type and tolerance. We select from a range of acids from Alpha Hydroxy & Beta Acids to TCA & Retinol.

The skin does not always visibly peel. Your skin will still benefit from this procedure resulting in smoother and softer skin, a healthier glow, less oil, more moisture, refined pores, an improvement in discoloration, diminished fine lines, and increased acne control.

It is suggested when scheduling this treatment to allow yourself some down time just in case the skin exfoliation is more than expected. Even though there will be anticipated peeling, the skin, at various stages of progress, may experience heavier sloughing. Usually this is never more than 1-3 days. 

The entire peeling process can last up to 10 days with a Mid Depth peel.  Each client's reaction to the peel can be different based on skin type, diet, stress, sleep, etc.  Immediately following the treatment, the skin will feel very smooth and tight. You may experience sensitivity or discomfort when applying cleansers and nutrient serums. 

 Listed below is a general description of what to anticipate.

  • There may be a color change - pink to red the first day and then a brown tone until peeling occurs.The skin will generally begin peeling in 2-3 days, however peeling can take place anytime for the next 10 days.
  • Redness and some swelling
  • Skin may feel raw and irritated and itchy
  • Discoloration and dark pigmented spots prior to peeling
  • Dry, very rough texture on the peeling areas
  • Flakes of skin comparable to post sun burn
  • Stinging sensation when cleanser and sunscreen are applied
  • Lighter flaking for several days once the heavy flaking has slowed down
  • Breakouts
  • Welting due to sensitivity

After your peel please AVOID:

  • PICKING!  Premature peeling may damage skin and cause scarring and hyperpigmentation.
  • HEAT! Being outside in the shade can have adverse effects too.  Excess heat can be too stimulating.  Stay away from saunas, hot tubs, hot showers and steam rooms for the first 4 days.
  • SUN EXPOSURE! Wear a hat and sunblock every day.
  • VIGOROUS EXERCISE: Over-stimulation and heat will flush the skin and increase the intensity of the peel.  It can also cause light-headedness.
  • TIGHT HEADBANDS, HATS OR GLASSES that press heavily around the head or nose.  
  • DENTAL stretches the skin.
  • WEAR MASKS the same day of a peel.
  • SWIMMING FOR AT LEAST 48 HOURS.  Chlorine is a skin irritant.
  • EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION - this will lead to dehydration and irritation.
  • SMOKING - dries and irritates the skin.
  • WHISKER BURNS: Not yours......his!
  • Avoid topicals containing dyes, perfumes, preservatives that can be very irritating.  Use only the topicals suggested.

 Recommended Products:

Milk or Citrus Gel cleanser:  Morning and night (if skin feels too irritated once a day is fine)

Omega Serum, Growth factor serum or Post balm as often as needed to soothe and heal skin

E Zinc cream or Daytime Defense Sunscreen prior to sun exposure


If you experience something other than or worse than what is listed here, please contact us .  Do not use any other products or excessively wash the skin.

Return in one week for post care and follow up or unless otherwise advised by your Skin Care Therapist.