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Welcome to Skin and Tonic . Please take some time to look around at all of my offerings. I specialize in HOLISTIC skincare and nutritional wellness. I have been serving clients for nearly 2 decades in the skin care industry, performing mostly facials and waxing.  Since the beginning, many clients came with the expectation that one facial would show lasting results for weeks or months.   READ MORE

I found myself being super frustrated that so many people had high hopes for this miracle in a jar. That seeing me would solve all of their skin issues. And while many saw a marked improvement, they still continued to have problematic skin.
— Ellen Olson, Master Esthetician & Nutritionist

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Aging was not supposed to happen like this.Or at least no one warns you that this is how it happens. One day, you wake up and there’s wrinkles under your eyes and there’s lines showing up and maybe there’s some darker age spots.  What happened to my skin yesterday and why didn’t I appreciate it when I had it? It’s inevitable, this aging thing but there are ways we can definitely help you slow it down and appreciate your skin now.

Skin and Tonic is armed with an arsenal of incredible products and  treatments for anti-aging such as our Minus 10 facial, which provides layers of exfoliation and highly effective anti-aging potions to result in a supple, youthful glow.  Receiving this facial regularly will help reduce pigmentation and slow down those fine lines, renew the skin and ramp up collagen production.

SkIntegrative - many times we think we are eating healthy and have a pretty good lifestyle but all the little things really add up.  In this treatment, we give you some guidelines on how to age gracefully through diet. We discuss food (and drinks!) that contribute to premature aging and also dive into your current skin care regimen and develop a regimen to preserve your youth (or dial those years back!)

First of all Skin and Tonic very clean, quiet, well designed and private place! I had an amazing experience with Laura! Can’t find enough positive words to describe her service and personality! Laura is a very professional esthetician, has a lot of knowledge about skin care and facials, she gave me few suggestions regarding my face cleaning routine. Very kind and pleasant person. Can’t wait for my next visit with her!
— Liutsina B.


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