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There is a strong link between the foods we eat and how they affect the health of our skin and our body.  If you are tired of spending thousands of dollars on skin care products and services only to be continually disappointed, then the answer does not lie within a cream or a pill.  

It’s all about addressing the toxins that live in our bodies!

Ellen Olson, Skin and Wellness practitioner of 17 years has healed her client’s skin through her customized nutrition and detox programs.  In addition, these clients healed their bodies and stopped experiencing discomfort from arthritis, IBS, insomnia, dysmenorrhea, depression…...the list goes on!

This webinar is all about getting your life back and clearing your skin!  Ellen will discuss the foods that are causing your breakouts and illness and you will learn that doctors have no idea what the causes are and instead freely prescribe medications that can be potentially harmful.

What we’ll be covering:

  • Foods that contribute to problematic skin and illness

  • What will happen if the root cause is not treated

  • How to slow down the aging process

  • Daily practices to achieve healthy, glowing skin, lose weight, increase energy and blast off to a healthier, younger you!

  • Do skin care product really matter?

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About Ellen:
I have been serving clients for nearly 2 decades in the skin care industry, performing mostly facials and waxing.  Since the beginning, many clients came with the expectation that one facial would show lasting results for weeks or months.  And sometimes I would receive calls 2 or 3 weeks post treatment that their skin was breaking out. “Like how can my skin be breaking out when I just had a facial 3 weeks ago?”

My favorite was a woman who walked in and asked if I would be able to fix her dark circles under her eyes, remove her fine lines and drastically reduce her pigmentation with one facial.

I explained that it would be a long process to treat her skin with facials BUT that she could turn her skin around by getting better sleep, eating a healthier diet, drinking more water and using the right skin care at home. She looked at me with disdain and told me she would find another skin care salon.

I found myself being super frustrated that so many people had high hopes for this miracle in a jar.  That seeing me would solve all of their skin issues. And while many saw a marked improvement, they still continued to have problematic skin.

In 2011, I went through a laundry list of my own personal health issues from insomnia to hormonal imbalance to weight gain and eczema that appeared to be taking over my face.

After my doctor tried to prescribe me anti-depressants for these symptoms, I decided it might be a good idea to see a naturopath.

The naturopath explained that I had adrenal fatigue and prescribed me an anti-inflammatory eating plan, removing eggs, dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and peanuts from my diet. I also had to stop training for marathons and do exercises for stress reduction.  In one month, I lost 8 lbs, my eczema cleared up, my hormones stabilized and my sleep greatly improved. As months went on, I felt so wonderful and energized.

And that’s when I realized that I could REALLY help my clients.  Because if I could clear my eczema from diet and stress reduction, then they can do the same for their skin too.

I received my certification in spring of 2012 for holistic nutrition consulting and offering dietary consults in my facials.  And through several years of experience and I managed to find the major culprits that contribute to problematic skin.

I have studied and continue to study health and nutrition programs and philosophies.  There is no one size fits all diet. But we all have toxins and the best way to attack our issues is not by taking a pill but by reducing the toxic load in our bodies.  We do that by addressing our current lifestyle and diets that are contributing to the deterioration of our health.

My detox programs are designed to reduce inflammation and flood the body with nutrients.  Clients sometimes see marked improvement in as little as one week. Not only will your skin benefit, you’ll feel more energetic, your mind will become sharper, you’ll feel less aches and pains and you’ll drop some excess weight and reduce bloating.

Ultimately, my goal is not just to heal your skin.  I want to help you heal your body, so that aging doesn’t have to be so painful. And although I’ve been working in the skin care industry for nearly 20 years, I strongly believe that you don’t need to rely on expensive treatments and creams to age gracefully.  I don’t believe that we need to just accept that aches and pains of aging. I believe that we have the power to heal our bodies so that we can still feel energetic and radiant into each new year.


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