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Our signature basics are perfect for those in need of a refresher or to address breakouts.  These are great treatments for first time clients or for maintenance between peels. For deeper treatments, please see our clinical skin care menu. 

All new clients must fill our our Facial Questionnaire prior to appointment.

Custom Cleanse and Glow $115……….50 minutes
This customized facial is designed to spruce up skin in need of a little love.  We tailor this treatment to whatever your skin calls our attention to, whether it be deep moisturizing, brightening or slowing down the process of aging, we will address it all.

Includes a deep steam cleanse and exfoliation, light extractions, mask and nourishing serums.  Your skin will feel refreshed and renewed.

Skin types: dry, aging and sensitive skin

Purify and Extract……..$115……….50 minutes
Our extraction focused facial provides a deep pore cleanse and exfoliation with extractions and an antibacterial treatment to shrink inflamed breakouts.  A mask and/or calming serums will soothe and detoxify the skin.

Skin can be red and inflamed up to 24 hours from extractions

Skin types: For acne prone, milia removal, oily, congested skin, blackhead removal

My favorite place! I’ve been coming to Skin and Tonic for years and they are the perfect balance of scientific skin care and spa pampering. No other place comes close to their professionalism and personalize care. Thank you ladies!
— Jessica Z.


If you and your skin are in need of some TLC, relaxation and rejuvenation then these treatments are for you!  These treatments are not designed to address acne, sensitive or rosacea skin. These treatments are designed to refresh and polish the skin while providing relaxation to the client.

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Epicurean Facial……..$150…...75 minutes
This facial combines ultimate pampering and skin rejuvenation! Includes extra attention to the eye and lip area, plus neck and chest!  Includes a deep steam cleanse and exfoliation, light extractions, an exfoliating and moisturizing treatment to the eye and lip area, face, neck and shoulder massage and a mask and nutrient treatment.  We can tailor this treatment to all skin types, however this is not an extraction focused facial.

Warm Pumpkin Delight…….$135
This anti-aging treatment awakens the senses with the delicious aroma of pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon and clove!  This spicy treatment stimulates circulation, encourages collagen production and infuses antioxidants into the skin.  Includes a steamy cleanse and exfoliation with warm compresses, a luxurious facial, neck and shoulder massage with a cocktail of spicy antioxidant serums and a cool, milky, hydrating mask.  Clients will leave relaxed with a youthful appearance and possibly a craving for pumpkin pie!

*Not recommended for rosacea, red sensitive skin or inflamed acne

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Our clinical skin care treatments are deeply exfoliating and are designed to address specific skin issues such as acne, rosacea, aging and hyperpigmentation.  These services will provide instant results and are great for those who would like to get deeper benefits without doing a peel. Combine with our nutrition services or cleanse for maximum results!

Acne Remedy Treatment……..$150…...1 hour
This extraction focused facial combines layers of exfoliation throughout the facial to calm inflammation, dry up congestion, reduce bacteria and address hyper-pigmentation.  Includes deep cleansing and layers of enzymes and acids to exfoliate and wipe out acne. Extractions and anti-bacterial treatment will further wipe out congestion and smooth out the skin.

For cystic acne, heavily congested skin with blackheads, pustules and scarring.

Redness relief treatment (formerly CBR)………$135……...1 hour
This facial is designed to reduce inflammation and redness with the use of calming and soothing ingredients and cooling compresses.  Includes a calming hydration cleanse (we do not use steam as this can further inflame the skin), a gentle exfoliation using enzymes and mandelic acid, anti-bacterial treatment and calming mask with cool compresses to reduce redness and peptides to rebuild and restore the skin’s barrier.

Great for acne rosacea, rosacea, eczema, sensitive skin, dry, inflamed skin

Minus 10……..$150……...1 hour
This anti-aging treatment combines layering of deep exfoliants and serums to slough off outer layers and boost collagen production.  The various exfoliation methods help to reduce pigmentation and fine lines and create new cell growth. The peptide and hydrating serums boost moisture and stimulate collagen, giving the skin that smooth, supple appearance!  Receiving this facial monthly will definitely help slow down the aging process and reverse previous sun damage. Addresses dry, aging, hyper-pigmented, sun damaged, hyper-pigmented skin.

Pigment reduction facial…….45 minutes……..$125
Hyper-pigmentation becomes more prominent with aging and post acne scarring.  This facial focuses on deeply exfoliating the skin and adding soothing nutrients to lighten dark pigmented areas.  The perfect alternative treatment to doing a peel or in between peels. This is not an extraction focused facial and works primarily on evening skin tone.

For hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring

SkIntegrative facial……..1 hour……….$175
This is a customized skin treatment along with our nutrition consultation that will educate clients on the link between diet and their problematic skin.  The consultation happens throughout the facial and can be a real eye opener to clients who have been suffering from acne, rosacea, eczema and aging.

Learn how to reduce inflammatory skin issues and accelerated aging through the consultation and at the same time, receive the benefits of a customized skin treatment that will give relief to your problematic skin.  

We can help our clients get on the path to healthy, glowing skin by creating a package, combining our cleanse, clinical skin treatments, peels and home care regimen.


Get more out of your skin care and give your body and mind a boost with our nutrition services.  Our nutrition consults will teach clients how to slow down the aging process, reduce acne, hyper-pigmentation, eczema and relieve redness.  

Problematic skin is linked to poor diet, stress, lack of sleep and exercise.  Working from within, can drastically improve the skin and in many cases can eliminate skin problems.

Please see our Detox page for more information!




It's a facial for the back!  We focus on providing a deep cleansing and exfoliation for this hard to reach area!  All back treatments include extractions and high frequency to wipe out bacteria in the pores.  The mask is designed to lift away any excess oils and smooth out the skin!  

Intensive Back Treatment… 45 minutes… $175
Banish back acne! This back treatment provides a deeper exfoliation method to resurface the skin and calm redness. Please note that skin will may be red and inflamed for about 24 hours after the facial. You may also experience some mild peeling and flaking due to the exfoliation for 3 to 5 days. Skin Types: Oily, Acne, Inflamed, Impacted pores. Includes: Deep pore cleansing (steam cleanse, deep corrective peel, extractions, and high frequency), anti-inflammatory and antibacterial masque, nutrient serum, and moisture treatment.