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Meet Ellen Olson, Skin and Wellness Practitioner
Owner of Skin and Tonic

I have been serving clients for nearly 2 decades in the skin care industry, performing mostly facials and waxing.  Since the beginning, many clients came with the expectation that one facial would show lasting results for weeks or months.  And sometimes I would receive calls 2 or 3 weeks post treatment that their skin was breaking out. “Like how can my skin be breaking out when I just had a facial 3 weeks ago?”

My favorite was a woman who walked in and asked if I would be able to fix her dark circles under her eyes, remove her fine lines and drastically reduce her pigmentation with one facial.

I explained that it would be a long process to treat her skin with facials BUT that she could turn her skin around by getting better sleep, eating a healthier diet, drinking more water and using the right skin care at home. She looked at me with disdain and told me she would find another skin care salon.

I found myself being super frustrated that so many people had high hopes for this miracle in a jar.  That seeing me would solve all of their skin issues. And while many saw a marked improvement, they still continued to have problematic skin.

In 2011, I went through a laundry list of my own personal health issues from insomnia to hormonal imbalance to weight gain and eczema that appeared to be taking over my face.



After my doctor tried to prescribe me anti-depressants for these symptoms, I decided it might be a good idea to see a naturopath.

The naturopath told me I had adrenal fatigue and prescribed me an anti-inflammatory eating plan, removing eggs, dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and peanuts from my diet. I also had to stop training for marathons and do exercises for stress reduction.  In one month, I lost 8 lbs, my eczema cleared up, my hormones stabilized and my sleep greatly improved. As months went on, I felt so wonderful and energized.

And that’s when I realized that I could REALLY help my clients.  Because if I could clear my eczema from diet and stress reduction, then they can do the same for their skin too.

I received my certification in spring of 2012 for holistic nutrition consulting and offering dietary consults in my facials.  And through several years of experience and I managed to find the major culprits that contribute to problematic skin.

Food allergies/Sensitivities
High Carbohydrate/poor diet
Many rounds of antibiotics and antibiotics in foods
Over the counter drugs and prescription drugs
Toxins in the liver such as heavy metals
Poor sleep hygiene
Environmental toxins

I have studied and continue to study all of the different diets out there.  And what I’ve found is that there is no one size fits all diet. The best approach I have for my clients is to help them reset their bodies through a my various detox programs and provide education and resources on how to maintain this renewed health going forward!

My detox programs are designed to reduce inflammation and flood the body with nutrients.  Clients sometimes see marked improvement in as little as one week. Not only will your skin benefit, you’ll feel more energetic, your mind will become sharper, you’ll feel less aches and pains and you’ll drop some excess weight and reduce bloating.

Ultimately, my goal is not just to heal your skin.  I want to help you heal your body, so that aging doesn’t have to be so painful. And although I’ve been working in the skin care industry for nearly 20 years, I strongly believe that you don’t need to rely on expensive treatments and creams to age gracefully.  I don’t believe that we need to just accept that aches and pains of aging. I believe that we have the power to heal our bodies so that we can still feel energetic and radiant into each new year.




Detox programs:

Ellen’s detox plans are designed to cleanse and strengthen the digestive system, the most overworked and abused system in your body.  In turn, this helps to detoxify and strengthen our other organs and get our engines running properly. This will help to balance hormones that will keep us from prematurely aging and having breakouts.  This will also reduce inflammation and swelling, diminishing redness in the skin and achy painful joints.

The difference between Ellen’s detox programs and many other programs is that you are taught to prepare your food.  You will also learn which foods you may be sensitive to and making you sick. You will also learn how to maintain your health once you have finished the program.

Many other programs require you to drink shakes or sometimes starve yourself and don’t teach you how to eat or give you a better understanding or education as to what foods cause illness.  Each body is different and we can’t address them all the same.

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Purification 14

This plant based detox program can jump start you into radiant skin and health with 14 days of delicious vegan meals!  We begin by sending our digestion on a short vacation with 4 days of yummy soups. We’ll be removing alcohol, sugar, dairy, all meat, peanuts, soy, eggs, coffee and wheat/gluten… ALL those pesky foods that can spike inflammation.  And when those 14 days are up, you’ll feel and look so incredible, you won’t even want to go back to those unhealthy habits!

 Launch special: $179  

(jumps to $199 in January)

*Includes all recipes .
*2 - 30 minute sessions with Ellen to guide you through the cleanse successfully.


30 Day Face-lift Detox Party

Heal your skin for life with our 30 Day Facelift Detox Party!

My eating and drinking habits were getting a little bit out of control. This year, I developed mild Rosacea and after coming home from vacation, my skin was dry and had red patches and I was VERY dehydrated and TIRED. I HATED the fact that the dry and red patches were on my face. I was worried that I would never be able to get rid of them. I have the topical creams for my condition, but they did not work. What DID work was the 30 day Facelift Detox!
My red dry patches completely went away after week 1! I feel hydrated and I have more energy. I highly recommend Ellen’s Facelift Detox program!
— LeahRose Farber, Mentor and Founder, The Global Turn On

$350 for early bird sign up before December 20, 2018  ($397 after)

Prep week begins Monday January 7th!  
Detox begins on January 14th and end on February 12!

Find out what foods are contributing to your poor skin health!  While facial treatments and skin creams can provide relief, they don’t get to the root of your problematic skin.  This guided 30 day detox will get your skin (and body) back to optimal health!

What’s included:

  • Learn about what foods are contributing to growth of toxins, viruses and bacteria that are causing your breakouts, accelerated aging, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis

  • Daily guidance from Ellen for 30 days!

  • Delicious 30 day menu with recipes and shopping list - these foods will pull toxins out of the liver, decrease harmful bacteria that feed viruses and cleanse and strengthen the digestive system

  • Encouragement and support in our Facebook group

The end result:

  • Reduced brain fog

  • Clear, radiant skin

  • Reduced bloating and digestive issues

  • More energy and mental focus

  • Reduced arthritic aches and pains

  • Better sleep

  • Reduced vaginal infections


Contact Ellen at (510) 866-0809 or ellen@studioskinandtonic.com
Website: www.studioskinandtonic.com/detox/


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