The raw details and photos of Ellen's Mid Depth Peel!

Since hitting my 40’s, I inevitably find something new on my skin each day.  Hyperpigmentation from sun damage,  the lightening bolt wrinkle between my eyes and hello fine lines!

I always said to myself that I would NEVER do botox and smugly execute my “aging gracefully” plan.  Uh, yeah……..

I haven’t rushed off to get botox……………….YET!  But I have a deep understanding as to why anyone would do any injections, nips and tucks because this aging thing is REAL!  

I’d say I’m pretty diligent with my home care because being an esthetician has it’s perks.  I get to TRY ALL THE THINGS!  

But I’m not receiving treatments as frequently as you think I would.  At the end of the day, it’s not top on the priority list.  As they say, the plumber never has good plumbing.  Well this skin guru ain’t keeping up on her anti-aging skin either.

So I decided to begin routine of regular peel and facial treatments to help slow down this aging process!



Day 3 of Melanin Lift Peel

Day 3 of Melanin Lift Peel

A week after my hydrating facial, I decided it was time to peel so I chose our mid depth peel, the Melanin Lift.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  I want to share this because for anyone who hasn’t experienced a peel, it is best to get a full understanding of the process.  I would also like to add that everyone’s experience can be different.

To get the best results from my peel, I made sure that I changed the following in my diet and lifestyle:

NOT ONE DROP OF CAFFEINE!  Why?  Because caffeine is dehydrating and my skin is very dry on it’s own.  It’s also a stimulant, causing my skin to become hypersensitive and super dry. 

NO REFINED SUGAR:  Sugar breaks down collagen, causes inflammation and can also breakouts.

NO ALCOHOL:  I don’t drink anyways but this is very important because it is also dehydrating and has the same effects that sugar does.  And generally, alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugar.

NO SOY: Soy is a hormone disruptor and being in my mid 40’s I find that my hormones are already whacky.  Hormones play a big part in the health of our skin and ladies, I’m sure you’ve noticed your skin acting up around that special time of the month.



Day 5 - Some light flaking and discoloration from the peel

Day 5 - Some light flaking and discoloration from the peel


NO MAKEUP:  Foundation or powder will increase the visibility of your flaky face.  Also, many foundations have fillers, fragrance, essential oils and clay that can be very aggravating to the skin while it’s healing.

Sleep and stress reduction are also important.  Stress and lack of sleep have an impact on your immune system and your hormones.  If both your immune system and hormones are compromised then your skin can be prone to breaking out more during the peel process……...which is basically what happened to me.

The Melanin Lift Peel: 

This peel felt so warm and invigorating.  I did use a fan to keep my face cool, but it was quick, easy and painless.  My skin looked absolutely amazing right after and for several hours.

On day 2 my skin felt tight, dry and my cheeks were flushed as if I were blushing.  I applied my Omega 6 serum 4 times that day to give my skin relief from the dryness.  My skin also developed dark, rough patches.  

Day 3:  My skin is shedding!  I’m doing my best not to pick at it but it’s tempting.  The discoloration is even more noticeable to me and my skin feels a bit raw.  But I’ll have to say, I can see what the skin is starting to look like underneath and it’s exciting.  I keep adding Omega 6 serum to my skin all day and it gives relief.  My skin also felt very itchy and it was so hard not to scratch.  It’s slightly embarrassing being in public.  While others probably see dry flaky skin.  I see what looks like a bad sun burn recovery.


Day 7 after using scrub!  Still no make-up!

Day 7 after using scrub!  Still no make-up!



Day 7:  Finally!  I get to use my pumice wash and scrub off the excess flaky bits!  And holy smokes!  My skin looks amazing!  Definitely decreased dryness, fine lines and pigmentation.

I will admit, the process is a bit annoying but the results are well worth it!  

In the meantime, I have bumped up my home care, using exfoliating serums at night and hydrating serums by day!

If you have any questions about whether or not a peel would be good for your skin, please contact us at (510) 268-9500 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions!

My skin right after the Melanin Lift Peel.  Feeling tingly with no redness!

My skin right after the Melanin Lift Peel.  Feeling tingly with no redness!

I started with our May special, the Mandelic Renew Peel, which addresses dry, aging, hyperpigmented skin.  I really loved this peel because there is no downtime and while you notice your skin is purging, it’s really not noticeable to others.

On the day I received the peel, my skin looked amazing!  The tone was even, pores were minimized and it felt completely hydrated.  The day after it felt dry and a bit rough in patches.  By day 3, I noticed a bit of discoloration and the rough patches lightly began to flake.  This went on for a couple more days.  By day 7, my skin looked amazing and felt hydrated with hyperpigmentation a bit lighter.

Two weeks later, I received a hydrating facial, infusing antioxidants and collagen stimulating serums into my skin. After that, my face was on cloud nine!

Day 4 - Redness and flaking.  The peeling is much heavier than the photo appears.

Day 4 - Redness and flaking.  The peeling is much heavier than the photo appears.


NO HEAVY EXERCISE WHILE PEELING:  No Bikram Yoga or any activity that can cause your skin to become hot and red.  This will irritate your skin and you will know because your skin will start to itch and in some cases it might bead and look blistery.  This heat and irritation can leave your skin prone to many problems including hyperpigmentation.  I did work out but I kept it light by walking the lake or running in the morning when it was chilly.  Most importantly, I paid attention to how my face felt.

NO SUN EXPOSURE: Wear a hat and sunscreen.  Even if you are wearing sunscreen, bringing heat to the skin can cause irritation to your already very sensitive skin.  

DAILY FISH OIL!  NOT ON YOUR SKIN! Making sure that you take your fish oil daily will help improve the elasticity and hydration of the skin.  

DRINK TONS OF WATER:  Flush those toxins and hydrate your skin!

EAT HEALTHY FATS:  For the same reason you take your fish oils!

CHOOSE COLORFUL VEGGIES!  Those red, orange, green and purple colors are rich in nutrients that will support in healing and protecting the skin.

Day 7 after using scrub to remove excess dead skin

Day 7 after using scrub to remove excess dead skin


Day 4:  Hello breakouts and bumps!  I believe that stress and lack of sleep really factored into this.  We did some light extractions and high frequency to kill the bacteria.  My skin is flaking everywhere.  In fact, it was falling into my dinner!  Gross!  So itchy too!  The Omega Serum definitely helped.  The E Zinc sunscreen felt very irritating to my skin and I think the citrus extracts may be the cause.

Day 5:  I’m recovering from the breakouts pretty good and it seems the red bumps are going away.  My skin is still flaky and itchy but not quite as bad.  The sunscreen still felt very irritating when I applied it but my skin isn’t reacting to it.  It now just looks like I have very flaky, dry skin.  What I do notice is that my pigmentation appears to be much lighter and in some areas diminished.

Day 6:  Well, I thought I would be able to put some creamy foundation on but it really shows off the next layer of dead dry skin about to peel off so I decided against it and bathed my face in Omega 6 serum!  It’s such an improvement and I can really see the pigmentation and fine lines have reduced!  Also the breakouts and bumps are non existant.

Happy with the final results!

Happy with the final results!