Because of the nature of this service, you must be aware that waxing this delicate area can cause skin reactions, rashes, bruising, abrasions and/or burns.

All of our brazilian waxes are customized.  There is no ONE WAY to do a brazilian wax, so it is your responsibility to request exactly what you want. For example, would you like a triangle or strip?  Do you want us to wax between the cheeks?  


Trimming your hair is especially helpful as this can be very messy, adding time and cost to your waxing session. 

For pain management, many clients find relief in taking a pain reliever 30 – 45 minutes prior to waxing.  

Cleanse prior to service: Sanitary wipes can be found in the bathroom and in the treatment rooms.

Your assistance is required to pull skin tight to avoid skin tears and bruising. Pull the skin tight until AFTER we have removed the wax strip.  You will be asked to move your legs into different positions to allow us into those nooks and crannies! 

WILL IT HURT?  There is nothing comfortable about pulling a large, bulbous root from an extremely delicate area of the skin!  We promise to do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible!

WILL MY SKIN BE IRRITATED AND FOR HOW LONG?  Most commonly, the skin will be very red, bumpy and swollen.  Some experience bleeding from the follicle due to the size of the hair root.  You'll be sensitive to hot water and the skin may even feel hot and sunburned for up to 48 hours.... possibly longer depending on your sensitivity.

WILL I HAVE BREAKOUTS OR INGROWNS? This area of the skin is pretty confined.  Underwear/clothing doesn't allow the skin to breathe, trapping sweat and bacteria.  Remember that you do have sweat glands in this area.  Your follicle is wounded during the waxing process and becomes prone to bacteria that can cause pustules and breakouts post waxing.  So yes, it is a strong possibility you will get breakouts and ingrown hairs.

HOW DO I CONTROL INGROWNS AND BREAKOUTS? Applying thayer's witch hazel daily to the area can be helpful as it is a natural antiseptic and  anti-inflammatory.  We also recommend our 5 acid peel cream to control discoloration and ingrowns.

I FOUND SOME STRAY HAIRS AFTER WAXING! It is not always possible to get every last hair.  

Here are a few reasons why stray hairs are left behind:

  • Wax doesn't always pick up fine hair.  
  • You may have thick, dense hair that refuses to come out in certain areas.  If we attempt to wax over an area that we've already waxed, you could lose skin. 
  • Sometimes the hair is just too short to come out or the hair broke off due to deep, stubborn roots. 
  • Darker skin does camouflage the hair.  
  • Full figured bodies can be very difficult to pull the skin taught and flat.  When the skin can't be pulled tight, the hair won't come out. Often times on full figured ladies, we're unable to pull the skin away from the areas that need to be waxed. 
  • When we encounter stray hairs, we will tweeze if time allows.  
  • We do guarantee our waxing services! If you find yourself with a large patch of hair, please call us within 24 hours and we will gladly book you for a free touch up!  You must call within 24 hours in order to receive the touch up.